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3 ‘Magic’ Prospecting Questions

Discover three prospecting questions to use and rapidly grow your ​downline—without cold calling, spamming links, home parties, or making a list of 100 names.

And also authoritatively create posture in your recruiting process while remaining authentic.

Do you get messages from people just spamming their links and desperately trying to recruit you into their business?

It’s annoying, right.

And when that doesn’t work, they get bummed, frustrated, and quit, because “it didn’t work” for them.

Here's what's up…

If you’re not making a true connection with your prospect, then you probably won't ever hear back from them.

Think About It...

When you get a message from someone, and you know they're only thinking with their wallet,

Because they’re spamming all about their company and sending you links, how does that make you feel?

Why would you reach out to them? They haven't taken the time to try to figure out who you are.

So instead…

Become a Problem Solver Instead of a “Spam Bot”

It's simple...

Find the pains or problems your prospect is experiencing and wants to solve.

This also, helps you qualify each prospect, because not everyone wants your solution or opportunity.

Which is totally cool!

So from now on, here are the three questions to ask people…

Q. #1

"Are you happy?"

It's that simple.

  • “Are you happy with the way you’re feeling in your day-to-day life?”
  • “Are you happy with the way your body feels right now?”
  • “Do you have enough energy?”
  • “Do you feel tired?”
  • “Are you happy with your travel/insurance agent?”
  • “Are you happy with your 9:00-to-5:00 job, or would you like more freedom?”

You get the idea.

If they say “no”, implying they're not happy…

Q. #2

"Do you have a plan to change that?"

Most likely they don’t, because most people are trying to figure out how to become happier, how to get out of debt, or how to have passion back in their life...

Three years ago, when I embarked into the world of network marketing, I was desperate to get out of debt and have a little more livelihood.

I just wanted to create a little breathing room and not have to stop and think whether or not we could afford an occasional night out or the extra gas for a short road trip.

Can you relate?

Maybe that’s why you’re with your network marketing company?

I also felt like, as a stay at home, home-schooling mom of seven, somewhere along the way I had lost a part of me, having watched my dreams and big ideas get buried over time,

And felt as though I'd lost a piece of my entrepreneurial spirit.

It wasn’t about the money per se, but the modest increase in freedom it would allow.

Little did I know what I was heading into and what it really would take!

So, you have to figure out,

Is this person happy? and if "no" then Do they have a plan to change that?

If they don't have a plan…

Q. 3

"Do you want to see one?"

If they say “yes,” then send them a tool; a website, video, podcast—whatever your company has.


Then show them the plan.

If they say “no”, that's totally OK!

Maybe they’re not ready to see the plan, so don't pressure them.

You can always say…

“I totally understand that right now is not the right time. However, do you mind if I follow up with you in a couple months? Life might be different for you then. You might be looking for some extra cash flow, or you might be looking to get out of your 9:00-to-5:00. And I can totally respect where you’re at right now, but let me know if I can stay in contact with you. I’d love to be able to reach out to you in a couple months.”

And remember, the less you say, the better.

The key is to get really good at asking questions, because it gets your prospect talking.

Here's a recap of the three 'magic' questions…

  1. “Are you happy?”
  2. “Do you have a plan to change that?”
  3. “Do you want to see one?”

Keep it super simple and make it about them.

Now, let me ask you this…

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~Marilyn Beggs

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