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NEW 7 Minute Breakthrough Method

​​What is the ONE thing you need help with the most to grow your Network Marketing business?​If you answer, “how to get more retail customers” and/or “how to enroll more people…”  Then you’re in the same camp as the majority of what mlm-ers are struggling with.​ But let’s take it a step further and ask,​ What is […]

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Three Reasons Top Earners Want to Learn Attraction Marketing

​When I met these two lovely ladies at an attraction marketing workshop in Los Angeles, I wondered… What compelled these six-figure earners to want to learn about and start using online attraction marketing methods in their already highly successful business? ​Jake and Joy Kelly, a mother and daughter team, started learning and using attraction marketing less than […]

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The Problem with Prospecting and Recruiting on Social Media

Success in business isn’t just about ‘time’ and ‘place’, but also ‘message’. You see, there’s a fine line between recruiting with social media and spamming people.  ​And network marketers today are being taught online prospecting methods, which include the wrong message, at the wrong time and in all the wrong places.​Fact is, ​most network marketers have been […]

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The 3 Levels of Modern Prospecting and Recruiting

​ The Game is Changing & It’s Time To Level Up​Do you feel like you’re behind times in terms of using today’s technology to its fullest, then this is definitely for YOU! Most leaders in network marketing feel uncomfortable, even threatened, to admit that they may not know everything about their profession, even if​ they’re a top […]

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5 Myths You’ve Been Told About Network Marketing

​Does social media recruiting really work?In this post discover 5 Myths you’ve been told about Network Marketing that are keeping you stuck and struggling, and how to break out of this mode and create a never ending stream of hot prospects ​ready to join your business. ​We can all relate to my friend Ferny’s struggles when […]

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