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How I Got 240 New Leads In Less Than 10 Days

Right when I was ​about to throw in the towel, that's when I found ​a social media strategy that’s different... 

And my results went from zero to literally having more people than I could humanly keep up with, all wanting to know about what I had.

​But I have to admit, when I first started using the internet to hunt for prospects, my tactics made me feel smarmy and desperate. 

​Turns out I was (unknowingly) a spammer and so how I felt makes sense.

And I WAS desperate.

After all, I had been trying to build my business for nearly 2 years using traditional formulas and methods... but to no avail.

​I had yet to have anyone join me and I had only sold a few products to sympathetic relatives.

Sound familiar?

​To make things worse, I had no credibility and it was so humiliating getting rejected by everyone on my list... ya know, people you haven't spoken to in twenty years. lol 

This screams ulterior motive and your prospect quickly defaults to scam alert.

Yet, to this day that approach continues being taught by uplines throughout the industry.

​So if you're diligently forcing those strategies with less than satisfying results, it's because the game has changed.

​Nowadays, people do not respond well to traditional methods.

​And trying to force it drains your energy, makes you question your abilities, and can cause you to stay in a stuck mode... or worse, cause you to join the 97% of folks who quit.

That was me... almost.

​When I was ​thinking that I may not be cut out for this industry, that's when I found this new strategy... 

And ​now I have so many people asking for more info, I'm not sure how I'm going to keep up.

​A good problem that I'm more than willing to have.

​The tactics and strategies that I'm using are considered Level 2 Skills, and that's what gave me the results I'm now experiencing.

​That being said, no matter what level you’re at, whether you’re utilizing online strategies or doing it old school...

​You still need to know the basics of building rapport and doing following-up.

These skills will never change and are required at all levels of network marketing:

​However, if you struggle with either of those skills, do not worry.

​Because you don't have to be good at them to start seeing success.

I certainly wasn't.

In fact I'm still nowhere near being fluent in either those basic skills.

Yet, I'm experienceing a game changing level of success.

​In network marketing there are three modern levels of prospecting and recruiting that can bring you success…

​The way I got over 240 prospects to reach out to me was by using level 2 skills and strategies.

​Let's briefly discuss each of those levels.

Level Zero: Traditional Prospecting

This is the level of, “make a list of 100 people.”

I don’t have to tell you what this is, because you’ve probably experienced it already,

At level zero you’re not utilizing modern technology in any meaningful way — except maybe your cell phone to send awkward prospecting messages to your friends and family.

At this level you’re not using what’s currently available online.

If this describes you, my suggestion is to not stay here long!

Unless you enjoy pain and rejection and being shunned by everyone you care about.


Level 1: Social Media Recruiting

​Instead of prospecting your friends and family, or prospecting strangers in public, now you’re doing warm and cold market prospecting on Facebook or elsewhere on social media.

In this scheme, your Facebook friends are your warm market, and your cold market comes from adding new friends and cultivating new connections and relationships.

Importantly, there’s a new opportunity here to passively attract new recruits, which isn’t available offline.

That opportunity is that you can now passively prospect by doing lifestyle posts, curiosity posts, story posts, etc.

This allows you to start attracting interested prospects, by getting people to private message you or comment on your post, requesting more info. However, you gotta know what you are doing and the majority of networkers are doing it wrong.

In addition, you’re still doing active prospecting and making connections, but now you have an opportunity to start passively attracting some of those FB friends to you, and get them to raise their hand by creating carefully crafted social posts. (Note: (again) you gotta know what you are doing here.)

If you’re doing this right, you are also building a following on your personal profile, of people who know, like and trust you.

The bigger the following and depending on the trust, you can expect your posts to start causing more and more people to reach out to you, requesting more info about your product (and sometimes business).

The next level…

Level 2: Digital Marketing

Level two is completely passive.

     pas-sive /'pasiv/ adj 1. accepting what happens without resistance.

You create a lead generation system, and prospects start flowing in.

With this strategy, you’re establishing a following and building a presence on social media.

More importantly, it allows you to build an income regardless of whether somebody says “yes” or “no” to your primary opportunity.

You’re able to monetize the “no’s” because even the people who don’t join your business, will still continue to follow you and immerse themselves in your ecosystem (where you can monetize them via other avenues, if you choose to).

​This strategy is highly leveraged... 

Everything at this level is scalable because you can, for example, take a post that’s working on your personal profile, put it on a free business page, tell Facebook to show it to all the followers of Robert Kiyosaki or Eric Worre, hit a button, and all of a sudden it’s broadcast to millions of people who are open to entrepreneurship!

Personally, I recommend starting here.

​To get started, you can get the free ​​online video training right here. ​

NEXT is something you probably won’t take on until you’re at least a six-figure earner in your network marketing business, but I want to share a little bit about this with you.

I consider these seven-figure skills, because even though you start them at six-figures, the goal of this level is to push your business to seven-figures... ​

Level 3: Digital Duplication System

​Here's where your success can become massive, depending on how far and how big you want to take it.

Once you develop a digital training and duplication system for your team, no matter how deep somebody is in your organization, they'll be able to have the same experience as a frontline member inside your team, as if you personally sponsored them.

In this level, new training is released to your team members, depending on what rank they’re at, automatically.

Everything is standardized.

So what a new prospect 50 levels down sees, is the same thing a new prospect on your frontline sees as well.

This may sound advanced, but it’s still important for me to share this with you, because network marketing is a business and this is actually how real businesses scale and grow.

Fortunately, these type of systems can be built pretty easily.

And if you’re not there yet, that’s ok. Level 2 is what I suggest.

Bottom line, in real businesses, the most successful people innovate and think outside the box in order to make innovative things happen.

If you want to have a real business for yourself, you need to be willing to take risks, see what’s out there and innovate on your own.

​And your in luck, because reading this today is…

​An opportunity to peek into the future

You too can implement the strategies only a small minority of successful network marketing leaders are doing and catapult your business to the next level.

And start getting results like this:

In less than 10 days that number reached 240+ ​people asking for more info!

Which is now over 1,020 prospects who've reached out to me asking me about my business

...and they keep on coming every single day!

You too can get similar results, but you've got to get started with level two prospecting and recruiting... but you've gotta get started.

​​Simply sign up for this FREE Recruiting Training.

​​If you’re already utilizing social media recruiting, this will seem like a natural next step for you.

Because you'll have a real leveraged business and strategies that are ahead of their time.

And what's awesome is you don’t have to do any innovation of your own to have that UNFAIR advantage because it's already been done for us.

If you’re ready to get ahead of the curve and modernize your business, do what's proven to work, do what I did and simply click here for the free Online Video Training.

To your success,

~Marilyn Beggs

P.S. If you don’t have a clearly defined strategy to attract and enroll people online, and you’re ready to build your business FASTER...==> Here’s how to do it!

"Doing things won't create success, doing the right things will."  

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    Hi Lina, Thanks for your comment. If you haven’t yet, grab the free online recruiting bootcamp that I mention in the blog; It’s a great place to start.

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